Top of the class: First podcasts

Students recently paired up and produced podcast segments on each of their blog topics. The first go-round was a huge success for the class.

Listen and enjoy!


Top of the class: Commentary posts

Students recently posted commentary posts designed to move the story forward following a game or another news event.

Check them out:

Courtney Jacquin on the future of DePaul basketball: Offense doesn’t win basketball games, defense does. And that’s been the difference this season, and it will make the difference going forward. This season the Blue Demons cut their opponents’ scoring average to 73.5 points per game from 75.4 and increasing their own scoring average to 71.8 points per game from 69.4.

Matthew Paras on the embattled Brian Shaw: Sometimes in the NBA, it’s easy to scapegoat the coach when a team isn’t performing up to expectations. This season, the scapegoat was former head coach Sacramento Kings head coach Mike Malone. The Kings fired Malone at the first extended losing streak they had, opting for Ty Corbin to play a faster style. But in the case of Nuggets head coach Brian Shaw, firing Shaw wouldn’t be a scapegoat. In fact, it would be completely justified.

Josh Criswell on LSU’s lineup changes: The move to Patterson at point guard is going to benefit LSU greatly in the long run. In addition to gaining a month of experience before the SEC tournament, Patterson has an opportunity to establish himself as the team’s floor general before reuniting withformer teammate and top recruit Ben Simmons next season.

Joe Williams on the Bulls’ identity crisis: What’s frustrating about this team is that it has been so hard to diagnose what exactly this team is missing. The consensus reason for the Bulls hot/cold streaks is that the team just doesn’t bring it every night. That’s fine, but what are the real issues? What is going wrong on this team on the floor, other than mental issues?

Eric Domingo on the Bulls’ inconsistency against Orlando: Although they’ve improved their rebounding, in part to the signing of Gasol, their defense still remains inconsistent. This game had flashes of the old Bulls’ defense, but their is still much to improve on.

Lindsey Murphy on USMNT finding a formation: When taking to the pitch on Sunday, the players seemed so much more at ease and comfortable with their positioning. This then caused more passes to connect, less turnovers on the defense and more confidence from the wingbacks. The men played much more collectively and controlled with the reassurance of the four defenders on the back line, as well as the two defending midfielders right at the top of the 18′, a great look for them heading into the Gold Cup.

Geoffrey Clark on Vince Carter’s birthday shoutout: It’s important for NBA players, especially the biggest ones, to take stances on social issues.  Otherwise, they run the risk of being labeled ignorant of everything but self-improvement and the next opponent.  Considering how much animosity exists between fans and pro athletes these days, that’s one label many players might feel they can’t afford.

Alex Sieger on the Islanders’ red alert: Out of 30 NHL teams the Islanders are currently ranked at the bottom and have the worst Penalty Kill Unit in the league.  The Islanders have given up a power play goal to their opponents a whopping 27.3% of the time.  The Islanders need to fix this right away otherwise this will lead to their ultimate downfall in the playoffs.

Zach Holden on Arsenal’s loss to the rival Spurs: While winning the Champions League is unlikely, retaining the FA Cup is highly plausible considering Manchester United is the only quality opposition left in the competition. Also, finishing in the top-4 in the Premier League is attainable with a favorable fixture list including eight of the final 14 matches at home.



Reactions from DePaul-Seton Hall game

Oliver Purnell wants us back.

Purnell began his remarks following Tuesday’s 75-62 win against Seton Hall by acknowledging our class and requesting/demanding that we attend every remaining Blue Demons home game. We’ll see what we can do, Coach.

Students navigated the rush-hour snow to make it to Allstate Arena for the game. The crowd was sparse — and included a sleeping fan shown on the video board — but DePaul came out energized and rode guards Jamee Crockett (21 points) and Billy Garrett Jr. (20 points) to their first season sweep of a Big East opponent under Purnell.

Students put together reaction posts following the game.

Here’s a look:

Joshua Criswell: Crockett’s success could be attributed to elevating his game against elite talent. Tonight he was often matched-up against Sterling Gibbs, who was named’s Player of the Week just last month. Crockett did not play timid though, and he was a big reason why DePaul was able to contain the junior guard.

Eric DomingoAccording to Garrett Jr., they won because they played with more energy in the second half. He wasn’t happy with his teams’ effort against Villanova and said, the team wanted to prove that they “were a good second half team.”

Zachary HoldenWith the Big East’s top-7 separated by only two games, every night drastically impacts how the seeding for the Big East Tournament will be.

Courtney Jacquin: This time it wasn’t the offense that brought DePaul the win, it was the defense. The team topped Seton Hall in both blocks and steals, including three big blocks from Rashaun Stimage in the first five minutes of the game.

Lindsey MurphyThe hit-or-miss performance from the Blue Demons in tonight’s game alone really reflects how they’ve been playing throughout the season and in the conference. However, Crockett has had a relatively smooth season, playing exceptionally well in tonight’s match up. Although he admitted to being a little “slump” lately, the senior racked up 21 points tonight. Case of senioritis, maybe?

Matthew ParasIt might sound petty to be noticing a team that responds from more than two losses in a row, but for years under Purnell, DePaul kept losing. There was no turning around losing streaks to win games.  Losing was the status quo. Until this season. Finally, the players are getting the message of a coach who has been a head coach for 27 years.

Alex Sieger: DePaul’s energy and play fluctuated through out the game but they managed to find themselves late in the game to come away with the hard fought win.

Joseph WilliamsThis was a big win for the Blue Demons, but they must tighten up on the offensive end and maintain the defensive intensity if they plan on knocking off Butler this weekend.

Seton Hall-DePaul: LIVE at 7:45 p.m.

The class heads to Allstate Arena tonight to cover DePaul’s men’s basketball game against Seton Hall. Both teams have been somewhat surprising in Big East play, especially Seton Hall (15-6, 5-4 Big East). DePaul (11-12, 5-5) won the teams’ first meeting, 64-60 on Jan. 22 in Newark, N.J.

Students will put together a pre-game post, a halftime post and a post-game post, but we all will be chatting throughout the game, beginning at 7:45 p.m.

Check out our live chat here.