Reactions from DePaul-Seton Hall game

Oliver Purnell wants us back.

Purnell began his remarks following Tuesday’s 75-62 win against Seton Hall by acknowledging our class and requesting/demanding that we attend every remaining Blue Demons home game. We’ll see what we can do, Coach.

Students navigated the rush-hour snow to make it to Allstate Arena for the game. The crowd was sparse — and included a sleeping fan shown on the video board — but DePaul came out energized and rode guards Jamee Crockett (21 points) and Billy Garrett Jr. (20 points) to their first season sweep of a Big East opponent under Purnell.

Students put together reaction posts following the game.

Here’s a look:

Joshua Criswell: Crockett’s success could be attributed to elevating his game against elite talent. Tonight he was often matched-up against Sterling Gibbs, who was named’s Player of the Week just last month. Crockett did not play timid though, and he was a big reason why DePaul was able to contain the junior guard.

Eric DomingoAccording to Garrett Jr., they won because they played with more energy in the second half. He wasn’t happy with his teams’ effort against Villanova and said, the team wanted to prove that they “were a good second half team.”

Zachary HoldenWith the Big East’s top-7 separated by only two games, every night drastically impacts how the seeding for the Big East Tournament will be.

Courtney Jacquin: This time it wasn’t the offense that brought DePaul the win, it was the defense. The team topped Seton Hall in both blocks and steals, including three big blocks from Rashaun Stimage in the first five minutes of the game.

Lindsey MurphyThe hit-or-miss performance from the Blue Demons in tonight’s game alone really reflects how they’ve been playing throughout the season and in the conference. However, Crockett has had a relatively smooth season, playing exceptionally well in tonight’s match up. Although he admitted to being a little “slump” lately, the senior racked up 21 points tonight. Case of senioritis, maybe?

Matthew ParasIt might sound petty to be noticing a team that responds from more than two losses in a row, but for years under Purnell, DePaul kept losing. There was no turning around losing streaks to win games.  Losing was the status quo. Until this season. Finally, the players are getting the message of a coach who has been a head coach for 27 years.

Alex Sieger: DePaul’s energy and play fluctuated through out the game but they managed to find themselves late in the game to come away with the hard fought win.

Joseph WilliamsThis was a big win for the Blue Demons, but they must tighten up on the offensive end and maintain the defensive intensity if they plan on knocking off Butler this weekend.


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