Introducing spring quarter sports blogs

A new quarter is upon us and it’s time to reveal the latest set of sports blogs and Twitter handles. We have a great mix of topics, from esports to NFL lifestyle to the Chicago Cubs (both the big club and the farm system). Please follow along throughout the term.

John Ball
Blog: We Are Good
Twitter: @flythew_cubbies

Monterey Pepper
Blog: The Madhouse Update
Twitter: @madhouse_update

Jeramie Bizzle
We Play Esports
Twitter: @WPGOnline

Javier Barrera
GSW Basketblog
Twitter: @gsw_basket_blog

Jeremy Harris
Blog: Cubs Farm Watch
Twitter: @Cubsfarmwatch

Harry Colmery
Let’s Blog Two!
Twitter: @LetsBlogTwo

Adam Chalifoux
The Boston Gardener
Twitter: @TheBostGardener

Kay McKenzie
Talkback: Fashion. Life. Football.
Twitter: @KayTalkback

Gavriel Wilkins
Won For All

Joshua Nggliari
NBA Playoffs In The Loop
Twitter: @nbaintheloop

Brandon Willingham
Blog: The Cavs Coaster
Twitter: @CAVScoaster

John Romando
Blog: NHL Playoffs 2017
Twitter: @NHLPlayoffsBlog


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