Introducing sports blogs for Winter Quarter 2018

It’s a new quarter, which brings a new batch of sports blogs. From pro wrestling to college track to athletes crossing over into the broadcast world, we have it all covered.

Check out the new blogs and Twitter pages from the students.

Evan Rogerson: 5280 Hoops (Denver Nuggets); @5280HoopsBlog

Emily Eller: Tilted Track (NCAA track and field); @TiltedTrack

Brenden Welper: Hammer Time Hooper (Detroit Pistons); @HammerTimeHoop

Dan McDaid: Windy City Bears Blog (Chicago Bears); @BlogBears

Justine Marcantel: The Other Sideline (athletes crossing over to media world); @Other_Sideline

Alexis Meuche: Not Your Demographic (Female professional wrestling); @NotYourDemoPod

Richard Schoen: Betting the Big East (Big East basketball gambling); @BEt_Hoops

Andrew Hattersley: Brewers Slam (Milwaukee Brewers); @BrewersSlam

David SteinOnline with David Stein (Chicago Wolves); @DaveSteinOnline

Matt Horgan: Big Ten Hoops Life (Big Ten men’s basketball); @BigTenHoopsLife




Students cover games through social media

The class didn’t meet last Thursday but students spent the day or night covering a sporting event through social media. They tracked team accounts, media accounts and fan accounts to see what was being said during each game. They also contributed their own thoughts.

Here’s the roundup of what they produced:

A plethora of podcasts

Students recently put together their first podcasts, either in pairs or by themselves. This continues to be one of the most successful assignments. Congrats to all the students for delivering some excellent content.

Take a listen:

News reactions roundup

The blogs are up and running, and students have been publishing their first few news reaction posts. These are reactions, not recaps, to items that took place in their specific coverage areas. Students had to publish these within 24 hours of the story breaking.

Here are some of the highlights from the initial reactions:

Jeremy Harris on why the Cubs should deal Jeimer CandalarioWhen the Cubs trade Candelario and what they can fetch in return is the only suspense about his future with the organization. Position talent duplication at the minor league level is a good problem. Trading from a position of strength to upgrade a weakness is what the Cubs must eventually do with Candelario.


Kay McKenzie on Cam Newton’s fashion statement at Coachella: Something to love about Cam Newton is that he will always be himself and it’s reflected in his clothing choices. In a world where everyone wants to fit in and follow the latest fashion trends, it’s refreshing to see someone stand out. He shows that it is okay to be who you are, wear what you like and care less about others’ opinions.

Adam Chalifoux on why the Celtics can’t lose their headsThe Brad Stevens Celtics are a young team that is looking to get out of the first round for their very first time. If they plan on making it to the second round, these finger follies cannot fly. While the Celtics have proved all season to be the better team, the actions of Smart could also argue that they are less composed than the Chicago Bulls. These acts of frustration speak louder than words. They tell the opponent, you are in my head. 

Javier Barrera on the Steph Curry envy among other NBA stars: In both cases,  James and Paul feel slighted and robbed of something that was theirs.  Not because Curry is undeserving but because they didn’t see it coming.  Just like everyone else in the league.

John Ball on the Cubs’ early season hangover: It’s April. It’s cold. I get it. It takes some time to get comfortable after playing spring ball down in Arizona. Either way, they have to put up runs given our bullpen’s status. The Cubs have just nine homers in 13 games, the lowest total in the league. For a team that slugged 199 home runs last year, it’s a bit concerning. They also posted the National League’ second best run total last year behind just the Rockies, who basically hit into a jet stream at home. This year? They rank 22nd out of 30 teams. Yikes.

Jeramie Bizzle on Punk-Momochi esports rematch: Punk could establish himself as one of the top pros in the game by making it into the playoffs and going on to the finals. This will make him a household name by doing so win or lose. Momochi on the other hand, this is a shot at redemption to come back and beat the man who defeated him twice. How sweet the feeling will be if he can take Punk’s chances of playoff hopes away as he earns back the credit and respect from not only Punk but his fans as well.

Harry Colmery the Cubs’ potential turnaroundAside from the rotation struggles, the final two games of the series are reassuring signals that the Cubs are more than capable of once again establishing themselves as the best team in Major League Baseball. Hendricks has been too consistent in his young career to panic about and Lackey is a proven veteran who has shown few signs of decline nearing forty years old.

John Romando on the Anaheim Ducks’ Stanley Cup quest: Obviously, this team is judged on their playoff performance and not by winning a lot of regular season games and division titles. But the Ducks would put everyone on notice, sweeping the Calgary Flames in the first round, winning the clinching game last night by the score of 3-1 on the road. If that was not impressive enough consider this tidbit of information as well; the Ducks have not lost a game in regulation since March 10th. That means that they are not only the hottest team in the NHL right now, but that by the time the Western Conference Semifinals start for them, they may go two whole months without losing a game in regulation, including playoffs.

Gavriel Wilkins on LeBron James’ postseason dominance: When you take out the time to think about the fact that James has accomplished this over the last several years with three different head coaches and two different franchises, you can only wonder how anyone could ever seek to argue against him being regarded as the game’s greatest talent?

Brandon Willingham on the Cavs’ late-season slide: Although the Cavs head into the postseason as the No. 2 seed to face the No. 7 seed Indiana Pacers and look very vulnerable, that’s truly not the case. After all, the Cavs put more value on rest and sat James, Irving and Love, who will be fresh for Saturday’s Game 1 of the 2017 playoffs.

Monterey Pepper on Corey Crawford standing tall for floundering BlackhawksThose moments get pretty easily overlooked by fans, especially in such a high stakes game like that was and when the team hasn’t been playing well. As a fan, it’s very easy to blame the goalie for a loss. But sometimes you need to take a step back and really look at the bigger picture. This loss was not on Crawford.

Joshua Nggilari on the Cavs’ suspect defense: Even if they put out their best defensive lineup (which I’m not sure the Cavs even know), it won’t be nearly as effective as their lineup last year or the year before that. We all underestimated, including the Cavaliers, the effect of not re-signing Timofey Mozgov and Matthew Dellavedova.

Highlights from the final project

The grades are in and the third edition of DePaul’s sports blogging class is, as Hawk Harrelson would say, ovah. Thanks to the students for their hard work throughout the quarter. I’d also like thank the guest speakers: the Chicago Bulls’ Josh Kahn, The Athletic Chicago’s Jon Greenberg, WGN Radio’s Adam Hoge,’s Nick Friedell,’s Scott Merkin, SB Nation’s Matt Brown, Crain’s Chicago Business’ Danny Ecker and’s Heather Dinich.

Here are some highlights from the final project.


Top of the class: Podcast and video debuts

Students recently produced their first podcasts and video reaction posts on their blog topics. Both of these mediums are challenging and rewarding, and the only way to improve is to keep practicing, or “get reps,” as they like to say at ESPN.

Here are some of the top podcasts and videos from the class.


  • Hoops Talk podcast: Jim Alexander and Ameya Banks on the Clippers, Cavaliers and NBA
  • Young Guns podcast: Melanie Schumilas on the latest news with the ATP’s rising stars
  • Full Court Press podcast: Ben Rains and Mariah Woelfel on the state of Chicago pro basketball
  • Crosstown Podcast: Nicole Hack and Juan Pimiento on Manchester United, the Chicago Fire and the state of soccer in the U.S. and abroad


  • Ameya Banks on the Cavs’ Game 3 win over the Pistons
  • Ben Rains on how Tom Thibodeau’s hiring in Minnesota could impact Fred Hoiberg and the Bulls
  • Juan Pimiento breaking down Manchester United’s win over Everton

First takes: News reactions roundup

The students produced their first blog news reactions, weighing in on items in their coverage area. The objective was to have a strong viewpoint on what the news means going forward.

Check them out …

  • Melanie Schumilas on Tomas Berdych being wronged: “Berdych was noticeably fast to act on this disruptive news and diffuse the situation before it gained any traction. This was the right move on Berdych’s behalf, considering being implicated in the Panama Papers has led to Iceland’s Prime Minister resigning and other powerful politicians scrambling.”
  • Ameya Banks on the Cavs crushing Atlanta: “Last year’s playoff sweep and the three losses this season has to be wearing on the Hawks. If these two teams meet in the postseason the Hawks cannot rely on anything to give them confidence that they could beat the Cavs four times.”
  • Nicole Hack on Miami FC’s poor portrayal of  female fans: “Using women as a marketing tool, makes female fans have to work harder to prove their worth as a fan. This is frustrating, as we shouldn’t have to prove our dedication of sport to others.”
  • Mariah Woelfel on Elena Delle Donne and lowering the rim: “Lowered rims aren’t a step backwards, but a move towards increased game attendance, popularity and, more importantly, further embracing the natural, physical attributes of female athletes.”
  • Jim Alexander on Blake Griffin’s playoff impact: “You’re getting one of the top 10 players in the NBA back into your lineup. The best player on your team. If that’s a detriment then go watch the Clippers of 1998. It’s lunacy to think that Griffin can hurt this team in any way. Assuming he isn’t swinging his closed fist at someone.”
  • Ben Rains on how the Bulls shouldn’t blow up the team: “Chemistry issues and offensive stagnation were both apparent this season, with much of the blame put on Rose and Butler, and rightfully so. However, chemistry is not achieved by wishing it into existence. The backcourt tandem needs to play together and learn each others’ games, and they have had limited opportunities to do so over the past few seasons.”
  • Juan Pimiento on Wayne Rooney’s status for West Ham: “After playing 61 minutes today, it’s evident that, even coming in an playing 20 minutes off the bench, Rooney is in well enough shape to contribute to a United team that needs his help more than at any other point this season.”