A plethora of podcasts

Students recently put together their first podcasts, either in pairs or by themselves. This continues to be one of the most successful assignments. Congrats to all the students for delivering some excellent content.

Take a listen:


Introducing spring quarter sports blogs

A new quarter is upon us and it’s time to reveal the latest set of sports blogs and Twitter handles. We have a great mix of topics, from esports to NFL lifestyle to the Chicago Cubs (both the big club and the farm system). Please follow along throughout the term.

John Ball
Blog: We Are Good
Twitter: @flythew_cubbies

Monterey Pepper
Blog: The Madhouse Update
Twitter: @madhouse_update

Jeramie Bizzle
We Play Esports
Twitter: @WPGOnline

Javier Barrera
GSW Basketblog
Twitter: @gsw_basket_blog

Jeremy Harris
Blog: Cubs Farm Watch
Twitter: @Cubsfarmwatch

Harry Colmery
Let’s Blog Two!
Twitter: @LetsBlogTwo

Adam Chalifoux
The Boston Gardener
Twitter: @TheBostGardener

Kay McKenzie
Talkback: Fashion. Life. Football.
Twitter: @KayTalkback

Gavriel Wilkins
Won For All

Joshua Nggliari
NBA Playoffs In The Loop
Twitter: @nbaintheloop

Brandon Willingham
Blog: The Cavs Coaster
Twitter: @CAVScoaster

John Romando
Blog: NHL Playoffs 2017
Twitter: @NHLPlayoffsBlog

Top of the class: Media Q&As

Students recently reached out to media members who cover their blog topic and wrote Q&As/profiles. They collected excellent information about blogging and sports journalism.

Check out the work here:

Top of the class: First podcasts

Students recently paired up and produced podcast segments on each of their blog topics. The first go-round was a huge success for the class.

Listen and enjoy!

First round of news reactions

In the blog space, what it means always resonates more than what it is. Here are the first news reactions the class has submitted.

Check them out:

Poll: How am I doing?

How do you like this class so far? Am I fooling you, even a little? Be sure and vote in today’s poll